Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dropping 5 boxing

Well, my experiments with Inner Space and ISBoxer turned out to be a great ride - It's a excellent piece of software, the mouse broadcasting alone makes it worth the extra cost over keyclone - Specially for questing and mixed teams.
Not saying keyclone is bad, it's a great piece of software and huge value for money.

I now got my mixed team to 80 - But decide I do not have time to leverage having 2x 80 teams - I'm now consolidating the level 80 characters down to two accounts and will most likely stick with that until a bit after the release of the next expansion.

My lack of time and the new LFG tool simply makes it not worth it to run 5 accounts at the moment.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Time to redo the UI and macros!

Not been happy with a couple of things that needs fixing, so since I have today off I'll be trying to address that.

For instance:
  • It's horribly difficult to play most of my boxed characters as solo characters.
  • My healing setup completely sucks.
  • Somewhere I lost my team movement and formation macros, which is completely needed to do the harder heroics.
  • My unit frames and various other things make raiding hard because they are so cramped.

Part of this will be evaluating to maybe replace Keyclone with Innerspace + ISBoxer.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Drak'Tharon Keep

Added another heroic to the list of what the Grins have cleared: Drak'Tharon Keep. I did try it ages ago, but couldn't get passed Novos, now with some better gear all around I just went in and one-shotted the whole place.

The fun part about this new random heroic quest is that I do get the motivation to try some new heroics, and I have been much more successful than I thought I would be. I've still to do any of the real hard ones, but also, I haven't spent any triumph badges either yet.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Well, not 100% sure of that yet ;)

A few months back I started focusing more on raiding on my main, and didn't box much - And the ToC content stunk from a raiding perspective, so coupled with a high workload that turned in to a all time low in playing WoW - Canceled the 4 extra accounts and fired up 2 accounts in EVE instead (since it is much more friendly to low play time play).

However, with the release of 3.3 I found my WoW interest revitalized!

Raids are fun, new instance is great - And the LFG tool is amazing. I renewed the 5 accounts to farm a Battered Hilt from the trash in the new heroics (can't yet box the bosses). So far I scored one, realzied it wasn't much of a DPS upgrade for Perrigrin and proceeded to sell it just before they upped the drop-rate, making a nice profit.

Badge farming is now easier than ever, I boxed a few daily random heroics and added Violet Hold and The Nexus to the list of cleared instances with the Grins.

I think I'll be pushing to get the mixed team to 80 (they are now sitting at 70) over the holidays, given how much easier it is to gear now it definitely rekindled my interest.

In other news I completed What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been on my main for the Violet Proto-Drake!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bronze Drake and RAF finished!

Not as much boxing done as I thought I would be doing lately, mostly due to the fact that I'm now raiding more on the main (which is all good).

Did get around to doing COT timed and got 2x Bronze Drakes so far.

I got a couple of weeks left on my RAF, but decided to call it finished - Got warrior, druid, warlock, hunter and priest to 60, and a rogue on main account to 54 - Not much, but it is what I need and I can't be bothered to do more boosting.

I had intended to get the rogue to 60, and have another druid + maybe get a team up on another server - But there just haven't been time or energy enough to get it done - So calling and end to the RAF now. The decision was made even easier by the fact that I now what that druid to be a Troll ;)

The plan going forward is to make sure I can comfortably take the Grins' through all heroics to make sure I get the dailies done to maximize the emblem farming, farm some TOC normal and learn it on heroic (my dps is still low, need to tune macros and gear some). Any spare time will be spent getting the mixed team to 80.

On a side note, I upgraded to Windows 7, 8 GB memory and a SSD on my boxing computer - And now it runs fine even in Dalaran despite being a old machine processor and graphics card wise :D

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cleared Trial of Champions

Well, 3.2 is live - Lots of badge loot to get, not much time to post between work, raids on main and boxing.

The Grins' are in farm mode now and I intend to add more heroics to the rotation, which means that the mixed team will have to wait on its leveling.

The new 5 man is somewhat involved to box, I got it down to no wipes now on normal, but not sure if I have the dps to deal with the heroic - Should probably invest some in geming and enchanting the gear of the shamans.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

ZG Cleared!

Been a while since I posted, did some pvp on the Grins', including winning a few 3v3 arenas, clearing some heroics and clearing ZG + 1 boss in KZ for mount farming for Perrigrin.
The mixed team is 66/67ish, and just about getting done with Nagarand.